An automotive inventory management system, created utilizing .NET MVC and C#. This project includes user authentication using .NET MVC's Identity Framework, CRUD operations, and a custom API.

This web application allows uploads of CSV data sets, which then populates a local database created on the user's machine. From there, the details page is automatically filled with each data point and rendered for the end user.

50 Projects in 50 Days

A project course by Brad Traversy and Florin Pop. 50 mini projects in HTML, CSS & JavaScript. These projects include Rest APIs, CSS Animations, Flexbox, DOM Manipulation with JavaScript, and more.

Components created through these projects may be utilized to provide additional functionality within end user web pages.

Fireside Blog Landing Page

A landing page example for an imagined camping gear and experience blog.

Created with CSS, HTML, and minimal JavaScript this landing page is fully responsive, and includes an expandable search bar component allowing the user to query past entries and gear highlights.

The simple design allows for high contrast, and a simple user experience with an inherent call to action.

Coming Soon

Future project currently in the works.